Improving Your Child's Chances In School

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Improving Your Child's Chances In School

After our kids started going to school, I realized that some of our children were doing a lot better than others. Our youngest son seemed to really struggle with reading, and it was really discouraging to watch. To help him out, we started working with his teachers to understand his challenges in the classroom. It took a lot of work, but we were able to streamline his experience and help him to focus on his studies. This blog is all about working with your kids who might not be as good at school as others, so that you can improve their chances of success.

The Advantages Of Enrolling Your Child In Preschool Early Education

As a parent, you want to provide your child with the best educational foundation that you possibly can. Once he or she reaches three or four years of age, you may decide it is time to begin his or her formal learning. To ensure that your son or daughter is ready for kindergarten, you may decide to place him or her in a program that offers preliminary learning opportunities. You can lay the foundation for enhanced learning by enrolling your child in a school that offers a preschool early education program. Read More 

Four Reasons To Enroll Your Child In An Online High School Program

A high school education sets students up for success later in life. High school graduates may decide to continue their education in college or join the workforce directly. Online high school courses can provide students with numerous educational benefits. Here are four reasons to consider enrolling your child in an online high school program: 1. Allow your child to attend the same high school despite moving. The public school system requires students to enroll in a school located in their district. Read More 

How To Enroll Your Child In A Charter School

When you want to give your child a specific educational experience, you may think that private school is your only option. However, charter school is another viable option. Like other public schools, charter schools are free, although they can offer some unique educational experiences to your child. Unlike other public schools, however, enrollment in charter schools isn't automatically granted based on district. Here are four steps you can follow to enroll your child in a charter school. Read More 

Summer Slump? The Benefits Of STEM Programs For Kids

Stop the summer slide. Vacation time means sun, fun, and a months-long break from school. If you have concerns about summer learning loss, take a look at the benefits of educational opportunities such as fine arts camps and STEM programs for kids. Increase Creativity  The arts and STEM area explorations lead to creativity. Whether your child is painting, collaging, building a super-structure, experimenting, or engaging in another similar activity, they're using their imagination, problem-solving, and developing the type of thinking necessary to create. Read More 

Physical Fitness And The Preschool Facility

The preschool facility is much more than just a building. It's a play space where learning happens daily. Along with developing cognitive (memory, problem-solving) and other intellectual abilities, your child will also build physical skills. Take a look at why exercise is important for the young child and how the preschool environment encourages physical fitness that can lead to your child's motor development success. Physical Play Why is physical play crucial for the young child and their development? Read More